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A business person or company who buys or sells for another in exchange for a commission.


Business Type


Business type is the primary role your company engages in within its trading sector. Globalshoes currently recognizes five major business types: Agent, Buying Office, Distributor/Wholesaler, Manufacturer and Trading Company. You can select one of them according to your major business activities, or select "others" if your business type is not listed here.


Buying Lead


A Buying Lead is an invitation to sellers to contact buyers with appropriate product and price offerings.




Click the button "Category" to select relevant categories for your Company.




A cookie in the Internet world is a small piece of information stored by your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape) that helps websites to keep a record of users. Globalshoes uses cookies to allow members to get to the information they want as quickly as possible when they use our website, and to relieve you of the necessity of signing in each time you move to a new section of the site.


Cookie Error


A "cookie" is a small piece of information stored by your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape) that helps websites to keep a record of users. Globalshoes uses cookies to allow members to get to the information they want as quickly as possible when they use our website, and to spare you the burden of signing in each time you want to move to a new section of the site.Many websites require browsers to support cookies. At Globalshoes, this allows you to have to sign in only once and thus make better use of our site's features.

If cookies are not accepted by your browser, it may change your current signed-in status and cause cookie errors as you navigate the site.

What can I do about a cookie error?

If a cookie error occurs, you can take steps to correct it by first opening one window of your Internet browser. Then:

1. Internet Explorer 7.0

Click "Tools" on the top toolbar

Select "Internet Options"

Click on "General" and then "Delete"

Click on "Delete cookies"

2. Internet Explorer 6.0

Click "Tools" on the menu bar of the browser

Select "Internet Options"

Click on "Delete Cookies" and then "Delete Files"

Click on "Privacy" on the top toolbar and set the level to "Medium"

3. Internet Explorer 5

Click "Tools" and then click "Internet Options"

Click "Custom Level" then scroll to the "Cookies" section

Click "Enable" for both cookie options

4. Internet Explorer 4.x

Click "View" and then click "Internet Options"

Click the "Advanced" tab

Scroll to the "Security" section

Under "Cookies", click "Always Accept Cookies"

5. Netscape Communicator 4.X

Click "Edit" and then choose "Preferences"

Click "Advanced" on the left

Check "Accept All Cookies" on the right

If you are still unable to correct the problem, please try to find the directory where your system is installed (e.g., C: Windows) then go to sub-directory "Cookies" and "Temporary Internet Files". Then delete all files named "Cookies".

When you have finished the above-described corrective measures, please reboot your computer.


A businessperson or company which markets or sells merchandise.


Gold Supplier


Globalshoes "Gold Suppliers" are Premium Suppliers from China (mainland), Hong Kong and Macau.
All Gold Suppliers have passed Company Information authentication and verification by a third-party credit reporting agency such as ACP. All Gold Supplier product information is updated constantly to ensure useful and current content.


Inquiry Basket


Our Inquiry Basket works like a shopping cart. It allows buyers and paid supplier members greater convenience when searching or browsing

Simply check items of interest and then click "Add to Basket." You can add up to a maximum of 38 items to your Inquiry Basket and continue searching. When you are ready, you can send all of your Inquiries simultaneously.




In Globalshoes, a search result is mainly dependent on the keywords entered in the search field. More precise and accurate keywords will give you a greater chance of being found by others.

Please use common product names as keywords; do not use model numbers.

Keywords must be separated by a comma (,), instead of other punctuation marks or symbols.

Don't use adjectives (descriptive words like "cheap, powerful") as your keywords.




A producer of products.


Member ID


It is the identity of your account on Globalshoes. For security reasons, each Globalshoes account has an exclusive Member ID.


My office


A secure online management tool for your Globalshoes account, where you can:

Manage your account information.

Receive and reply messages from other business partners.

Post advertisements and so on.




It is the main way to describe your product with your product pictures, where your partners can see the product samples.


Product photo


When you post a product, you need to display a product photo. You can display about 5-20 pictures in your product showroom.


Selling Lead


A Selling Lead is an invitation to buyers to contact sellers with appropriate product and price requirements.


Time of Efficacy


It means how long will your Trade Leads be valid. This depends on the time span you select when you post a Trade Lead.


Trade Lead


It is a timely buying or selling advertisement. It includes Buying Leads and Selling Leads


Trade Lead Type


It is the type of request you want to send to other trading parties. Currently, there are four kinds of Trade Leads you can post. They are: Buy, Sell, Agent, and Cooperation.




A wholesaler sells products in bulk to various retailers and then receives a percentage of the mark-up price. In other words, a wholesaler buys directly and usually rather inexpensively from the manufacturer and then arranges a deal with a retailer who desires to purchase the same product.